Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggers Gone Mad!!!

With just about everyone starting a blog these days, how does one choose the right blog to follow? The answer to that is easy- if you know the top five factors to look for in an effective post. So take a minute kick up your feet and ask yourself why you follow the blogs you do.
Okay that's long enough to think. Are you ready for the top 5 factors in an effective post? Drum roll please...
1.       Hook the reader with a catchy title and image if possible.
2.       Keep your post short and sweet.
3.       Have a clear layout and readable text.
4.       Make it relatable to your audience.
5.       End with a question.
Do you agree with this list? Do you feel there are more than five factors needed to write an effective post? I can be persuaded to change my top 5.


  1. Jenn your blog is awesome! You are definitely not "technology challenged!" I agree with your "5 factors of an effective blog. I love your background and layout.

  2. Thank you. The more you blog the better you get at it! Although trial accounts are limited as to what you can choose and change, once you find a platform you like the possibilities are endless. Also, there are many math blogs out there that have become a real success. Our students should have no excuses for me being able to do their math homework!

  3. I totally agree with the image and title. I never thought about the question though. Good tip. I also think lists are nice and easy to read.

  4. Your blog looks amazing!! How can you consider yourself technology challenged and make such a beautiful blog?? You're doing great. Stay with it!!! LOVE the 5 factors you posted.

  5. Thanks for you take on what makes an effective blog. I think you are pretty trendy for what I have read. Your blog is very eye catching. You will be great with the Teacher Challenge.

  6. Jenn, great start on your blog! You have some great ideas for making effective blog posts. I'm going to have to remember them as I continue to take the teacher challenge! My last few posts are getting texty, if you know what I mean. Breaking your #2 suggestion. Welcome to the challenge! I'm going to try to post a link to my blog using regular test. If I mess up, sorry! It's my first try. Denise
    Dare to Care

  7. Greetings Jenn,

    You have a very creative background. I like your list, especially #5. I have been working on embracing this one with my blog, attempting to create more discussion questions instead of monologues (amazingly similar to our classroom struggles as teachers).

    I would have to tweak #2. I would say make all of your text have purpose. There are longer posts that are humorous and engaging. There are short posts that feel like a waste of time when you finish them. As bloggers we should cut out anything that does not serve a specific purpose and work to keep on point.

  8. Thank you. I was beginning to think that my blogs were too simple (they are all specifically created for elementary level students). Clarity and simplicity are a must for the population I seek to reach. When I visit other blogs I am often overwhelmed with the adds and overload of information. Please visit to see my first blog started over one year ago. My blogs are meant mostly as a quick way for students to click to valuable educational links. Am I off track here?

  9. Hi Norma! I visited your blog. I like the way you have your resources grouped by category. There is a lot to look through and many interesting images. I did feel a little overwhelmed though seeing so many things all at once. I think I'm only beginning and will have to face that challenge in the future. Your pictures accompanied by links make navigating to what you want fairly easy! I will be sure to check back in and learn from you!