Sunday, February 13, 2011

Avatars, aka Another Version of Yourself

In the first school district I was hired in, I recall my superintendent lecturing us on 21st century learning and how if we didn't have an avatar already our homework was to make one! This shocked me at first. Of course I had an avatar, I had a different one for each hobby I partook in. I just never thought avatars would be mentioned within the school building. For those who are unaware, an avatar is just a symbolic representation of who you are online.
With the teacher challenge this time being on the creation of avatars I spent many hours creating my "alter" egos. I visited to create a South Park inspired avatar which is my avatar for this blog.  I also created one using
For an avatar not specifically fit for a profile icon I visited which fufilled my need to become a graphic superhero!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Virtual Brainstorming!

Use this link to create a graphic organizer for brainstorming. It is very user friendly!

Who am I? & Why should you care?

An About Me page should:
  • have interesting images
  • show a condensed resume highlighting achievements
  • give background information about your life
  • give a peek at your personality by listing hobbies and interests
  • list contact information for networking if possible